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Released: Jan 1st 1980

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Hell's Bells
Shoot To Thrill
What Do You Do for Money Honey
Given the Dog a Bone
Let Me Put My Love into You
Back In Black
You Shook Me All Night Long
Have a Drink on Me
Shake A Leg
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

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Reviews (6)

first AC/DC album i had

2nd comment on here? where are all the other humans who know that BIB is the best album of all time!

Rock n Roll had never reached perfection before this

the first time i heard this album i was like hell yes, man, gimme gimme gimme!!!

this thing made me stick to exercise to such an extent i am a gym rat now of five years running

rock n roll aint noise pollution is just so raw -- the imagery behind the lyrics just so primeval -- right down to your gut.

this whole album builds up your testosterone level by the sheer volume of the sound -- even if you're only a girl

The first tape I bought for my Sony Walkman!!!

My favourite AC/DC album. I first heard Shook Me All Night Long in 2003, when I was 4. Still my favourite song to this day.