AC/DC Rarity Of The Month : Japan Tour 81 Picture Disc | The Official AC/DC Site

A limited edition promotional only vinyl picture disc LP was issued in February 1981 to promote AC/DC’s first tour of Japan, “Japan Tour 81” (Atlantic PS-180). The album contained a mix of songs chosen from the “Highway To Hell”, “Back In Black” and “If You Want Blood” albums. This album is quite rare and valuable to collectors, and the original is identified by the clear rim around the edge of the LP.

Later that year, it was reissued in the UK and Europe (Atlantic SAM-155), but the picture disc featured a black rim instead of a clear one, this release is more commonly found, but still considered a rarity to AC/DC collectors.

More recently, counterfeit copies with the original Japanese catalog # have surfaced, but these have the black edge rather than the clear, which is the easiest way to identify the fakes from the original.