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AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Martin Pedersen (Padborg, Denmark)

Meet our August 2012 AC/DC fan of the month: Martin Pedersen. Martin lives in Padborg, Denmark, a small town on the Danish/German border.
Martin has been an AC/DC fan since sometime in the late 70's and names his top AC/DC album as "Powerage" and song being "Rock 'N Roll Damnation". He tells of his passion for AC/DC in his own words "I'm really here for the music. The best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be.I heard a couple of songs from AC/DC sometime in the late seventies but after being introduced to "If You Want Blood" there was no turning back. Been a fan ever since."

Martin continues "Every morning I wake up to "Rock 'N Roll Dream" and on the way to work, at work and on the way back from work AC/DC is making my life better. The greatest experience is AC/DC live. My first live-song was "Thunderstruck" on the Monsters of Rock 1991 Tour in Gentofte (Copenhagen). AC/DC will always be No.1 and in my world there is no-one even close to being second best. And the fans are the best. Whether you meet them face to face or in the internet. The coolest, rocking partying bunch ever."
In closing, Martin says "ALWAYS HOPING FOR THE NEXT TOUR!"