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AC/DC Today: AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Ewa Pazera (Norway)

Our September 2013 AC/DC fan of the month is Ewa Pazera, an AC/DC fan from Poland who has been living in Norway since 2008.
Ewa, now age 18, has been listening to AC/DC since the age of 4-5 years old. She says "It all started when my Dad turned on the concert from Munich 2001, since this day I listen to this band every day."
Ewa's Dad being a huge fan of AC/DC himself shares the same love for the band, as she explains "I couldn't see anything more important in my life, than AC/DC. Their music is to me something more than just music, it is some kind of ''lifestyle'', a day without AC/DC is a bad day!"
"The most important thing for me, is that AC/DC is a band which keeps me and my dad together. We share the same feelings to this band and we found an agreement through their music! We have a huge AC/DC collection, we saw them live in the front of the stage in 2010 and we have dedicated some our tattoos to this band!"
"I think that we can't get tired of AC/DC! Every day we are looking for something more and more! I'm so grateful of my DAD because he showed me which the best music is!"

(pictured: Ewa and her Dad and their AC/DC tattoos)