AC/DC Photo

DEAR ACDC.COM i am an experienced guitarist and a large fan of ACDC. when i was growing up i was involved with model railroading. joining clubs, renumbering models, buying train sets. when acdc released black ice in 2008 i was glad to hear that they had released a new single called ''rock and roll train'' after purchasing the album and listening to the song, it inspired me to do something nobody has done yet. im going to build a working O gauge model of ACDC'S rock and roll train shown at the river plate concert in 2009. the model will be featuring the number plate as 666. ACDC engraved into the name board. and plastic devil horns on the top of the locomotives boiler. when the project is complete i will put it up for auction on Ebay for 100 dollars. i will keep everyone updated with hotos of the work in progress and will announce a finished project by october at the latest.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.