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Date: 1974-1975
Countries: 1
Performances: 83

Tour Set List

She's Got Balls
Soul Stripper
Rock N Roll Singer
Show Business
High Voltage
Love Song
Can I Sit Next To You Girl
Little Lover
Stick Around
You Ain't Got A Hold On Me
Baby Please Don't Go

(mixed variations of these songs in the Australian clubs during he early days, along with various rock 'n roll cover songs)
(Many of the early club dates are omitted if they are unconfirmed locations)

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AC/DC ... I was 8 yold Smile don't know you at this time !!!
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espectaculares comienzos a la gloria :DD

ACDC played at Strathmore High School when I was in form 1, 1974. It was a big event in my life: pin stripe pants, cork platforms, danced all night (well, probably til about 10pm when the school dance ended) - probably needed a physio the next day (still nurturing the neck injury from dancing like Angus! - how does he do it!?!?). Anyway - can this school dance be confirmed??