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Highway to Hell
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Living easy, living free
Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be
Taking everything in my stride
Don't need reason, don't need rhyme
Ain't nothing I would rather do
Going down, party time
My friends are gonna be there too
I'm on the highway to hell
No stop signs, speed limit
Nobody's gonna slow me down
Like a wheel, gonna spin it
Nobody's gonna mess me round
Hey Satan, payed my dues
Playing in a rocking band
Hey Momma, look at me
I'm on my way to the promised land
I'm on the highway to hell
(Don't stop me)
And I'm going down, all the way down
I'm on the highway to hell

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... put quite simply, AC/DC is the greatest rock n roll band EVER!!! My cousins got me listening to them in the late 70s (when I was only 10 yrs old) and I've been following them ever since. What's the best thing about AC/DC? Other than being the best live band in the world, AC/DC never left their roots ... they still play loud, old school, hard core, bluesy rock n roll!!!


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