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AC/DC "T.N.T". Album, Australia

In late 1975, AC/DC released their second album “T.N.T.”, which was issued in Australia only (Albert) and would soon explode the bands popularity throughout the nation. The “T.N.T.” album essentially makes up the majority of AC/DC’s first internationally released album the following year “High Voltage” (side one of both albums are identical). Side two differs slightly in the tracks, since 1976’s “High Voltage” alternately swaps out two tracks from the original 1975 Australian-only version of “High Voltage”, AC/DC’s debut album.

“T.N.T.” includes the song “Rocker”, which would soon become a staple in AC/DC’s live set through the 1970’s, and feature Angus on Bon’s shoulders for the audience walk about. The album also includes an extended version of the song “High Voltage” (the version on the international “High Voltage” album is edited shorter), as well as a cover version of Chuck Berry’s “School Days”.

The album cover depicts broken wooden crates laying in rubble and labeled “AC/DC” “TNT”. The original vinyl version of the album was issued with a gatefold cover, and featured clever mock police department records for each of the band members. Angus Young alias “A-Bomb” distinguishing features “Is always in a school uniform, bruised knees, runny nose, blackened eyes…” Phil “Left Hook” Rudd attention: “see alias”, Bon Scott “Caution should be observed …suspect is seen clutching Stone Ginger Wine bottle”, Mark Evans, alias “The Sandman” “Approach with caution, may be armed with a billiard cue”, Malcolm Young alias “Slob Hand”, “Lazy Fingers”, “Suspect is notorious for bum riffs due to excessive indulgence of alcoholic beverages”. Along with “mug shots” and various other information about each band member, the lyrics are also included within the gatefold.

The “T.N.T” album would eventually be released on CD in Australia and New Zealand and later a re-mastered version of the CD was released in 1995, all of which are now long out of print.

T.N.T. Album Track list:

It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘N Roll)
Rock ‘N Roll Singer
The Jack
Live Wire
Can I Sit Next To You Girl
High Voltage
School Days

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