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Ride On, Bon

Ride On, Bon
Ride on, Bon.

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miss you bon!

I wish where ever you are Bon that you can feel or sense the feeling of those who are left behind here on earth. We who share a joy that you were a part of our lives. There has been and will always be a Bonfire in your honor whenever the Thunder strikes a new fan.

Rest and rock in peace Bon. Even though you are gone you ate still a legend.

This is sad... RIDE ON!!!
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Ride on Bon scott

we started of as a rockin n roll band
how could we think it would ever end
we didn think we could lose you this way
but we always loved you anyway

your memory will never go away
and you legacy is here to stay
you had a band that rocked n rolled
your story is there to be told

in the arms of angels you will keep
in our hearts you will always sleep
we wont forget how you rocked and rolled
and in the end your story is told

Missing you Bon!!

come back Bon

come back Bon

come back Bon

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