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AC/DC Today: AC/DC's High Voltage Released In Australia, February 17, 1975

38 years ago this month on February 17, 1975, AC/DC released their debut album titled "High Voltage". Appropriately named, AC/DC chose not only their band name to represent their electrifying rock 'n roll sound; the band's name originally suggested by Angus and Malcolm Young's sister-in-law after seeing it stamped on an electrical appliance.
The album title "High Voltage" made for a perfect compliment to the bands high energy sound.

The album was recorded at Albert studios in Sydney during November of 1974, and released in Australia only on the Albert label. During this time, AC/DC were lacking a permanent drummer and bass player, so they opted to use a session drummer in the studio to record the album, and were joined by older brother and producer (along with Harry Vanda), George Young who would play bass guitar.

Most of the 8 songs from AC/DC's first album would remain as Australian-only available tracks up until 1984, with the release of the '74 Jailbreak EP, which would be the first worldwide release of four of the songs, namely "Baby Please Don't Go", "Soul Stripper", "You Ain't Got A Hold On Me", and "Show Business". Only two of the songs ("Little Lover" and "She's Got Balls") would make it onto AC/DC's first worldwide release from 1976, also titled "High Voltage" (the majority of the songs from that album were selected from AC/DC's 2nd Australian-only album, "T.N.T.", also from 1975.) The remaining two songs, "Stick Around" and "Love Song" were finally issued worldwide in 2009's "Backtracks" box set. This particular version of "High Voltage" remains an Australian-only release.

High Voltage Track List (Australia-only version)

Baby Please Don’t Go
She’s Got Balls
Little Lover
Stick Around
Soul Stripper
You Ain’t Got A Hold On Me
Love Song
Show Business

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