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Rock Your Heart Out
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Got the devil in you
Got the devil in me
Play a dangerous tune
Come on dance with thee
You gotta
Throw your fists up
Shout your mouth off
Beat the walls down
Get tough, freak out
Rock your little rock your little
Rock your little heart out rooooooooock rock your little heart out

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...Hi im Mason Molinar a GIANT FAN OF AC/DC! it all started when my mom (im 12) bought me the live at donnington dvd after that my grandma gave me some money for my birthday and i bought the back in black CD after that I was hooked I bought every one of there albulms and loved them all. Im so addicted that every on at my school either calls me maC/DC or Angus exept for my teachers they call me Problem Child. November 2nd was probably the best day of my life because that is when I got to go to an AC/DC concert and Brian Johnson waved at me probably because I was wearing an Angus Young suit so I guess the question is im a fan and you should be too because these guys just plain rock harder than any band.


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