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Let There Be Rock
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Let there be roooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!

I'm AC/DC's #1 fan (and you should just be the #2 fan) because...I have been listening to AC/DC since 5th grade, and i still can't get enough of Angus Young's, my favorite guitarist, awesome power cords and guitar shredding solos, or Bon Scott's clever and funny lyrics sang with a natural, and not a try hard, scratchy voice. I give Phil Rudd and Malcom Young props too for rhythm. By the way, if you end up reading this Malcom, i love how you started off Live Wire from the album High Voltage with that bass line. Phil Rudd i like how you played the drums in the begining of Highway to Hell, of course from the album Highway to Hell. I really like when Bon Scott and Angus Young repeat each other's rhyths during the solo in It's a Long Way to the Top(If You Want to Rock 'n' Roll) from the album High Voltage. Bon Scott's lyrics for the song Big Balls from the album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap are hilarious!!! I have even done a huge research paper on ya'll!!! My costume was home-made with all the details from the horns to the converse to the guitar. Also, more than half my Ipod has AC/DC on it. Brian Johnson you made some pretty good lyrics, but I have to admit that your voice can be a little try hard to be Bon Scott. Angus Young, I love your duck walk and how you are super skilled to be able to do it while you are soloing!!! If the members of AC/DC end up reading this then ya'll are the best band in history, and it is my dream to meet ya'll in person.


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