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Because I am a fan of AC DC? seems a simple question but the truth I never thought, I do not think it is something that feels just like the music, I was raised by working-class parents in Argentina, money was not exactly what was left in my house, so spent many hours alone in my childhood, it is also fair to say that I was raised by AC / DC, I grew up listening to the tapes I had my older brother who did mine. Since that day I still remember like it was yesterday, when reviewing tapes of my brother found one of AC / DC and from the time the play started and my ears felt the strains of Hell's Bells believe that nothing was the same, I think without exaggeration that my life would have been otherwise, I would not be who I am, but I think it was also the destination, the rock is part of my life, of who I am, like AC / DC. I always thought that I would say to Angus, Malcolm, Brian, Cliff, Bon Phill or if some day I could talk to them in this world or the next world, I think that would begin with a simple thank you ... and I think what I would say after that would not matter, but maybe I would tell you I play the guitar because of them. That every day I put your tracks, plug in my guitar, I light a cigarette and start playing and I feel they would play before 50,000 people, I feel I play with angus, and I think I need nothing more to feel good. If there is money for almost nothing, does not matter because I just need a beer, cigarettes and AC / DC is for me enough, I think that if a millionaire would continue to do the same. When I got to see AC / DC on December 4, 2009, in Buenos Aires, spent all my money, I sold my TV, do not pay rent, and I'm still paying the debts jajaj ... but worth every penny, the day I die, if tomorrow or whenever, one of the best things I'll take this world is being able to see them play AC / DC, feel that behind the scenes had a devil of 400 meters stepping with all the force of thunder to the sound of Phil, Cliff and Malcolm, shaking the foundations of this goddamn society, filling the hearts hungry for rock and roll with the purest rock, feel that every guitar solo of Angus to his guitar bleed and every note was a stake that seared my mind and damn the soul, the voice of Brian resonating even in the most hidden place where they hide all the artificial and false in this damn world, if even heard singing the chorus from Bon from the other world by joining with each of those who felt that you can not explain in words ... was one of the best days of my life was worth more than 1000 km walk from the city where I live, spend the night in the street to catch the bus back to my hometown, back is a way of saying it. .. I think actually never returned, I went forever with the Black Ice tour ... the first thing that makes the day I die and go to the other world will tell the first one it finds: ¨¿hey, brother, where do I get tickets to see AC / DC here?¨ and if not wait until the tour reaches there, to hear the chords of hell echoing with the power of a thousand thunders at the rate of Whole lotta Rosie, higway to hell or any song. FROM ARGENTINA WE SALUTE YOU.


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