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I'm a fan because... I think I am a fan because for one I have been a fan for almost 5 years And it runs in the family beacuse my mom was a major fan of Bon Scott and she gave me her boot legged records of Bon. And the first song I ever got into was Highway to Hell. And AC/DC has helped me through life because at the of 13 I had a major surgery and if it wasn't for AC/DC that helped me through my 5 surgery’s then I don't know where I would be today. I have had 5 surgery’s and there is no cure for what I have I have cyctes that grow on my ovaries and their sort of like tumors but their not and they grow and grow and I have to get them removed to so they don't pop and rupture my ovaries. Or I would have to get my ovaries removed and then never have kids. And I am such a big fun I have a lot of stuff and I went to their concert here in Tacoma WA it was the best ever! The best day in my life!!, and I even run a Bon Scott website in honor of Bon. I also play guitar just like Angus and I own a Gibson SG that's black and I know how to head bang and head bob. But the one thing I will never forget is on the first time I had my surgery I swear I saw the ghost of Bon telling me not to worry and everything will be all right. And that's my story. And last thing just the pure power of how Angus feels the Electricity through is sure power as he head bangs to the rhythm of the music. While Bon was one legend who could change is raspy voice to a great vocal point that no one will ever get Bon was one of a kind with his sheer looks and glint in his eye and smile
Bon had the power in him to move on even after he an accident he had after the crash and he still did not give up. Bon just has this flow that pulls fans and peoples in like “Hey come and listen to me” and he lures you in well he did for me


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