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If there is a rock band that really inspires me, that is AC/DC!! I'm 24 years old now, the first time really realize how powerfull AC/DC's music is,I thinhk it was when i was 14 and a I saw a big blanket that my cousin has in his bedroom of NO BULL live in Madrid (ballbreaker tour). That's was a WOW!! " oh my God! who is that guy with the horns and the guitar against the bullfighter?? ". it was very funny when he aswered: "he es ANGUS YOUNG the school boy who never gets old and gives live to AC/DC" !. after that, I SAW the No bull concert like 3 times in on day over and over, most funny of all of this was that I felt very identified with many of these songs. after that,I started buying the albums, and respect their music,in all this years I´ve got almost all of them. I wouldnt dare to say I have only one favorite song of them, because I like them all. You know, those many riffs and power chords like Little lover,it's a long way to the top,riff raff,rock n' roll dammnation,jailbreak,love song,R.I.P.,cold hearted man,war machine,evil walks,thunderstruck,the jack,the razor edge,hail ceasar,stiff upper lip,TNT, dirty deeds done dirt cheap!!. It's a lot to mention, uffff, hahaha, so many dirty chicks in my life make me wanna be their backdoor man, if you know what I mean,hahaha. I have my own cartoon drawings of AC/DC and also a tattoo in my shoulder.This is just a little i can say about why I'm a very big fan of cliff,phill,bon,brian,malcolm and angus.


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