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Guéri vite t'assure en concert !!!

Hi Brian, returned to the Toon in 2012 with my American wife and visited Bamburgh Castle and Hadrian's wall....then a night on the toon in the big market, canny night on the hoy Smile

I know there are lots of rumours about a tour and I hope you will. I'd so love to see you here in great Britain again. I've been a fan since i was young in the bon Scott years but I've also heard you're going to do Glastonbury. Please please please don't let that be true. Please don't do Glastonbury. I'm sure they're just guessing cos Metallica played there this year but please please please don't play there. It's s***. The music is s***. Everything about it is s***. It's not for you or your fans. Do O2 or Wembley or Donnington that would be fab but no no no to Glastonbury.

Can't wait til you fellas come back to Cleveland, Ohio!!!!!

get well soon Malcolm, the brains and soul behind ACDC, we would not be here 40 year later without you.

Get well soon Malcolm.

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thinking of you malcolm and your family. take all the time you need to get better. we'll be here waiting for you . no matter how long it takes. we just want you well. xx

Best wishes from Norway