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Released: Mai 25th 1978

Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia

Length: 39:43
Bezeichnung Epic
Producer: Harry Vanda & George Young

Track Listings

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Rock 'n' Roll Damnation Texte
Down Payment Blues Texte
Gimme A Bullet Texte
Riff Raff Texte
Sin City Texte
What's Next To The Moon Texte
Gone Shootin' Texte
Up To My Neck In You Texte
Kicked In The Teeth Texte

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Reviews (24)

Rockin'!!!! Just Like all The Others!!!

THE GREATEST AC/DC RECORD EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply. "The most underrated AC/DC album of all time"

Simply Put this tape (LoL) changed my life!

down payment blues, wow,gone shooting,sin city ,do I NEED TO SAY MORE.him well no I WHONT,,,?#$@&,

this album is f***ing bad all these songs rock, i just learned riff raff on my guitar and it kicks ass, also kicked in the teeth and gimme a bullet

I wrote a long review of Powerage's songs on Amazon years ago, so I'll be short & sweet: Powerage is AC/DC's best album, it has the best range of songwriting & guitar riffs, interplay & solos, it's the best hard rock/heavy metal album of all time, and in fact it's the best "pure" rock & roll album of all time, i.e. the peak of what Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry & Jerry Lee Lewis were trying to invent.

I have heard Malcolm say it's their most underrated album, I don't know about his & Angus' favorite.

I am in the minority (tho apparently joined by Malcolm & Angus) when it comes to Cold-Hearted Man. A good but not great song, musically & lyrically more like the High Voltage/TNT era they were evolving from, and it really didn't fit with the other nine songs, IMO, which are all devastatingly heavy yet with also a danceable groove. I think the final version, on top of everything else, is as perfectly sequenced as an album can be.

As for the mix, I've never heard the original UK vinyl mix. I'm sure it's great, but Malcolm & Angus must prefer this one. Had Bon objected to it or to CHM's exclusion, I'm sure he'd have said something. The late 90's remastering was brilliant, revelatory, esp the cleaned up interplay between Angus & Malcolm, which bordered here on the psychic. I have a partially deaf friend who was going "OMG, never realized it was THAT good". Furthest thing from "tepid & tinkered with".

Nobody could ever blame them for switching to Mutt Lange as producer for Highway, as they certainly weren't going to top Powerage for raw groovy destruction, and of course, Bon's death changed everything anyway.

33 years later, all the computers in the world couldn't help anyone come close to this.


One of my favorites albuns,very good songs, pure energy...tracks like "What's Next to the Moon", "Up To My Neck in You" and "Rock 'N' Damnation" are amazing.I think it's a little underrated but still good!!!!

Powerage is the best AC/DC album. Angus and Malcolm never sounded better together.