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Released: Mai 25th 1978

Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia

Length: 39:43
Bezeichnung Epic
Producer: Harry Vanda & George Young

Track Listings

Song Title Video Lyrics Preis Jetzt kaufen
Rock 'n' Roll Damnation Texte
Down Payment Blues Texte
Gimme A Bullet Texte
Riff Raff Texte
Sin City Texte
What's Next To The Moon Texte
Gone Shootin' Texte
Up To My Neck In You Texte
Kicked In The Teeth Texte

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Reviews (23)

Absolutelly their best album of Bon's era. It would be nice if they would release the european vinyl version which had 10 tracks and different versions of Rock'n'Roll Damnation, Down Payment Blues, Gimme A Bullet, What's Nex To The Moon, Gone Shootin' & Kicked In The Teeth an added song Cold Hearted Man.

This is not only the best AC DC album, but is, in my opinion, one of the best albums released by any artist, EVER!! It's just a really tight, hard album that rocks from beginning to end. I don't know what more I can say about this amazing album! I do love all their albums, but this one is still the best of them all.

My favourite AC/DC album! It's just perfect! 10/10 stars!