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He is the BEST always has been always will be. I'm 52 yrs old they have been my fav from the first time I heard them. There will never be another Angus

I totally agree with Jamaica Dreams...there are never gonna be a better one than Angus and a better rock band than AC DC...yet it is easier for men, straight ones as they dont have to wrestle with a feeling of attraction affection and excitement going beyond the music of their idols , whilst I as a woman and a lot of like me too have to deal and with the physical thrill temptation arousal , isnt it?..I first listened to and saw AC/DC at 15 yrs old. And their lead guitar drives me crazy since then...and crazier each time I watch a video for example. So if I say I am more than ever crazy for Angus Young after attending finally his live performance, you wouldn't say I lie, isnt it, though he is not neither 21 nor 45 anymore.I think they will bury me one day with the same intense adoration to Angus and the band.

Explanation is simple- the school boy makes me feel like school graduate at 43, lol! God bless him with many,many years ahead.

Yes i love angus and i was right there when they did this concert really d*** good concert AC/DC forever man

Happy Birthday Mr. Young. Wink Gosh I so love you guys and miss you tones. This caned CD tin food is just not the same as having you live in our lifes. All the best to you and may your day 2011 be one memorable day. Much love and respect to you. *Eivonny*