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Released: Aug 15th 1983

Compass Point Studios, Nassau, The Bahamas

Length: 37:02
Bezeichnung Epic
Producer: AC/DC

Track Listings

Song Title Video Lyrics Preis Jetzt kaufen
Rising Power Texte
This House Is on Fire Texte
Flick of the Switch Texte
Nervous Shakedown Texte
Landslide Texte
Guns For Hire Texte
Deep In The Hole Texte
Bedlam in Belgium Texte
Badlands Texte
Brain Shake Texte

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Reviews (14)

I love this album, its pure rock and roll, its raw and its AC/DC.
But it is completely under rated.

AC/DC wanted to make a striped-back album, to be simple like they were.
They did it with the flick of the switch

este album es uno de mis favoritos debido al sonido de este ya que es mas crudo y rockero y mi cancion favorita es guns for hire...

My favourite album. That power, that sound. It's just awesome.

Very underrated album. Great songs all the way through.