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Released: Jun 28th 1985

Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland

Length: 40:30
Bezeichnung Epic
Producer: Angus Young

Track Listings

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Fly On The Wall Texte
Shake Your Foundations Texte
First Blood Texte
Danger Texte
Sink the Pink Texte
Playing With Girls Texte
Stand Up Texte
Hell Or High Water Texte
Back In Business Texte
Send For The Man Texte

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Reviews (27)

One Of My Fave Album. It's SOunds Like Thunderbolts, very hot sound and he drives me wild from the beginning till the end . For me it's a symbol of 80's AC/DC. Love All Songs. And too bad AC/DC doesn't play songs like "fly on the wall" at the shows. Love,thanks for this hard album!

I am trying to remember who opened for AC/DC during the American leg of this tour. I seen the show on Oct. 10th, 1985 at the Myriad Convention center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. USA.

Anyone see this tour and remember?

It maybe their lowest selling album, but it ROCKS out Loud! AC/DC never went to the direction Glam Metal bands did, they stood for Hard Rock all the way, never made a ballad, no acoustics, no synthesizers. This album stands out to be very unique and powerful. I don't understand why "Fly On The Wall" is a bad one.

I love this album, it's my favorite Brian album aside from Back In Black. Song for song, beginning to end, IMO I think it's their best album since BIB, tho obv there are many songs on other albums better than those here, tho I think this is a very nice collection as a whole, just barely better than Blow Up Your Video.

The criticisms are mostly justified but this is their most underrated album.

Greatly underrated! This album has such a great tone. "Stand Up" is my favorite from the album.

My favorite album of the Johnson era!!!!!! Very underrated, but I love it! It has such a powerful tone!!