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Happy Birthday Angus Young!

Happy Birthday Angus Young!
Happy Birthday Angus Young!

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happy birthday angus! you're my idol !

Parabens ANGUS!!!! Portugal wait another visit from you!!!!
You are the biggest and craziest guitar player ever!!!!!!!
Portugal adora os AC/DC (Love u)

Happy Belated Birthday, Angus! How did it feel to have your birthday on Easter this year? Pretty awesome, I'm sure!!! I had an awesome day!!! I hope you read this. I have been you're #1 fan for 31 years, I don't care what all these other fans say (ha ha)! Back in 1980, your
gift from God of playing electric guitar inspired me to want to play the guitar too. And that's what I do today...playing rockin' blues electrified and loving God soooo much because of it. I love you all and your fans too! Please do good because I would love to see you out on tour. I once saw you in 1986 in California. I have always wanted to meet my favorite band in the world!...AC/DC! I will pray it comes true! Love you guys, Shelley S. Herman P.S. Are you guys gonna get on Facebook, cuz there are so many posers out there. I would love to hear from ya. Are you guys on twitter? Praise the Lord for AC/DC!!!!

Long live, the best of women, cars and guitars

happy birthday angus

angus angus

i just want to be like angus young he is my roll model