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Released: Okt 17th 2008

The Warehouse Studio, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Length: 55:38
Bezeichnung Columbia
Producer: Brendan O'Brien

Track Listings

Song Title Video Lyrics Preis Jetzt kaufen
Rock 'N Roll Train Texte
Skies on Fire Texte
Big Jack Texte
Anything Goes Texte
War Machine Texte
Smash 'N Grab Texte
Spoilin' for a Fight Texte
Wheels Texte
Decibel Texte
Stormy May Day Texte
She Likes Rock 'N Roll Texte
Money Made Texte
Rock 'N Roll Dream Texte
Rocking All the Way Texte
Black Ice Texte

Reviews (48)

black ice, yhee

Sounds Just Like "Back In Black" (1980)

Best Album Yet!!!!!!!!

Amazing Album from the best band ever i dont think any album could top it

nossa esse album axo q foi um dos melhores do ACDC

Black Ice one of my favorite songs for it has a good heavy rock rhythm too, listen to it quite often.

A Classic Sounding AC/DC record with a mix
of Modern Hard Rock/Alternative Metal/Nu Metal/
Alternative Rock/Blues-Rock Of Nickelback,
Linkin Park & Avenged Sevenfold!


This is the proof that AC/DC is alive!

i am soooooo happy they made this album, it sounds like the 80's again. brian's voice is amazing, i love how he still goes out there and sings his bals off. ac/dc will still be rocking their bals off in the afterlife.

AC/DC FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!