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Released: Dez 1st 1975

Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia

Length: 41:55
Producer: Harry Vanda & George Young

Track Listings

Song Title Video Lyrics Preis Jetzt kaufen
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) Texte
Rock 'n' Roll Singer Texte
The Jack Texte
Live Wire Texte
T.N.T. Texte
Rocker Texte
Can I Sit Next To You Girl Texte
High Voltage Texte
School Days

Reviews (17)

Where's the aussie HIGH VOLTAGE? but anyway, I got TNT and the aussie HIGH VOLTAGE imported and I must say...BRAVO!!!you prove yourselves once more!

I had to import T.N.T off of Amazon because it is released in Australia only, but now I have a complete AC/DC collection. I hold every album and song AC/DC has ever released.

Now while it only has eight songs on it, they are some of the bands older classics. “It’s a Long Way to the Top”, “T.N.T”, “The Jack”, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer”, “Live Wire”, “Rocker”, “Can I Sit Next to You Girl”, High Voltage”, School Days” are the songs featured on the album.

They are all the original recordings sung by Bon Scott, the band’s original lead singer. All of these songs can be found on the albums released in the 70s, so I only recommend this album to die hard AC/DC fans or people who like old AC/DC.

Great one, but High Voltage is better, there's ,,Little Lover" and ,,She's Got Balls" in it, which both of them rocks


I thought High Voltage was the album for these songs

"School days" an rare and a very good song !!!

i never get tired of lisening to old ACDC But wheres the dirty deeds import. its an ausralian recording releast 1976 the one releast in 1981 love at first feel and rocker the i have has jailbreak and [rock in peace] which is on no other album I live in the usa I bought the album in 1977

Great Albumm(TNT)

i've got every ac/dc cd, without this one Sad

The Whole Albums Rocks Harder Than
The Songs On It!!!!

Man, one of their first albums, this is so kick ass, true rock n roll never dies when it comes to AC/DC they been playing so long its not even funny they will go on until they can't go on anymore, that's a true rock n roller and the true rock n rollers are AC/DC!!!!!!!!!!!!