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tequila white lightning

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... I loved AC/DC since I was 13 that's when I got into it, my mom has loved them since she was 14 and got sad when Bon died. My first song was Highway To Hell and I loved Bon Scott's singing then I learned he was dead or died in 1980 I was very upset but I am a huge Bon Scott fan hes the best artist and singer I've ever known I am fowling in his foot-steps I am a singer and writer currently working on a CD. I use to not like Brian but after I heard Black Ice when it came out in 08 I became a huge huge Brian fan hes all over my wall I think he is good looking and a great singer I love his voice and his racing and cars! Also I play an SG Special electric guitar I know how to play just like Angus the stomping to the beat duck walk and head bang. Also for over the course of those years since I was 13 I had surgery and the only thing that got me through that was AC/DC music I try to enter a forum for make a wish but it did not go through. I had surgery because I had ovarian cysts on my ovaries which are like a tumor and they keep growing and growing and they could have done something to my ovarie. On December 23erd 08 I had emergency surgery and I had 2 on both of my ovaries. And in one week they grew from 5 cc to 12 cc. I got out of the hospital on Christmas and I had a small Christmas tree in my room. And in September 09 I had surgery again. And currently in January 2010 I had to have emergency surgery. And that's why I am a fan. AC/DC have gotten me through all theses hard times and I hope someday to meet them thanks Kelsey AKA Kc.


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