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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... you have to ask? lol! i was always into diffrent modern rock bands,and lots of s***ty pop,(i was young lol) i used to sing in a covers band and we done a bit of classic rock and modern, The guys i was singing with never threw AC/DC Into the mix, proberly knowing i couldent hack it lol! but anyway one day we were just messing about having a jam and the started playing Highway to Hell, i felt like my heart was pounding and this music was just electric raw power and then and there i never looked back, of course i had heard of them and heard bits of there stuff but back then i mean a few years ago i was boring lol! and dident realise that one day i would understand that this was the best band in ROCK History, i spent most nights watching old you tube videos of Bon (Glasgow Apollo) being one of my favourites, All Bon Scott Albums to me are the best! just my opnion lol! but yeah back in black is superb in fact i dont have a word for how mind blowing awsome it is lol! i just really loved Bons voice Songwriting and performances, also brain sing back in black to me is the second best performance in rock history Bon Being number one of course! its wierd i like alot of the b sides with brian alot more (the ones on backtracks) snake eyes awsome tune! i dont really know much but i know i love this band and music and it changed me in a really good way! anyway il just say this my life sucked and i found AC/DC and it dident period lol!


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