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New Mexico
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Iron Maiden
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Iron Maiden
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"Iron Maiden can be fought, Iron Maiden can't be stopped"!!!

"Oh Well, wherever, wherever you are,
Iron Maiden's gonna get you, no matter how far
See the blood flow watching it shed up above my head
Iron Maiden wants you for dead"!!!

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...AC/DC is just one of those bands whose music is just fan fu**ing tastic....hard rock is just a genre that is so appealing... AC/DC gave me meaning and wanted me to pursue a career in music....Cliff Williams made me wanna play bass... and thats what i do...Malcolm and Angus made wanna play guitar...Phil makes me wanna play the drums...Brian and Bon make me wanna matter where i am and who im front of I will belt out and play AC/DC songs as loud as i can!!!


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