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brian es el mejor cantante que existe

i dont get why so many people say "i think that bon is is just better than brian, bon just has that kinda touch." im tired of it, they say that bon deserves to be better because hes "you know"(cant even say it its soooo sad) but a real fan would choose their opinion as even, exactly even. and a real fan would say that bon isnt dead, he rocks with ac/dc on every concert. and is rocking with all the fans, he lives on forever and not his legacy lives on forever, HE lives on forever.

stop giving brian that crap about how he'll never compare to bon because he doesnt need that.and guess wat, he did compare to bon if he didnt then ac/dc wouldnt be still playing to this day. and he had to fill a place for a guy that everybody loved, and he did and i think he is sooooo ausome and brave for doing that.

i mean seriously, one night i had a dream that bon was sitting on my couch watching TV, when i asked him "what about brian johnson" he said "brian johnson, whos that?" and then when i heard that i screamed "noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

so stop trying to compare them and just love both their music and love both of them. they are both amazing singers and both have their own little charms and clicks( yes BOTH of them have their clicks.) the point is to give brian a break and give him credit too. brian if you ever read this it shows that i think you're just as awesome as bon and no one could ever replace either of you guys

en 1980 ACDC se puso de luto con la muerte de bon scott, brayan bon estaria orgulloso de ti aun que no seas escoces