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Love your hard drivin style of Bass Playing Cliff! If not for you, the rest of the guys may be out of a job. Its your drivin bass style that gives the band its groove and if not for that the band would'nt be what it is and thats a fact! You play what is needed,nomore-noless and that is talent. Your sound,both recorded and live is killer! Keep up the great work Cliff and God Bless ya.

I am trying to get a message to Cliff Williams and I am hoping this might work. I bought a '62 Jazz Bass from Matt Malley (bass player in Counting Crows) who bought it from Pete's Guitars. It is quite road worn and very distinctive looking. Matt told me that Pete told him that he bought the guitar from Cliff, and I am trying to confirm that. Unfortunately Pete has died. Any additional ideas would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill