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Released: Ene 18th 1988

Miraval Studio, Le Val, France

Length: 42:48
Etiqueta Epic
Producer: Harry Vanda & George Young

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Heatseeker Lyrics
That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'n' Roll Lyrics
Meanstreak Lyrics
Go Zone Lyrics
Kissin' Dynamite Lyrics
Nick of Time Lyrics
Some Sin for Nuthin' Lyrics
Ruff Stuff Lyrics
Two's Up Lyrics
This Means War Lyrics

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In 1988, AC/DC had existed for fifteen years, and they have established themselves as the world’s number one rock band by this point in their careers. AC/DC has experienced a lot during their service in the rock and roll fraternity. They have withstood the punk movement, disco music (I use the word music loosely here), and the growth of hair bands all while creating music that only AC/DC can. Blow Up Your Video is yet another album that only AC/DC could have made. It’s more of that signature in your face rock that leaves you craving more… that is if you can tolerate Brian Johnson’s raspy vocals.

This album is similar to Fly on the Wall because it contains many catchy tunes but nothing lyrically spectacular. Despite this, there are plenty of fun songs to listen to and enjoy. For instance, “That’s the Way I want to Rock and Roll” is a throw back to the fifties. It starts off simple enough with an appealing riff and some nice drum work, but then Brian begins singing with a retro rhythm. It is a very likable song. That sums up this album nicely: likable. There is not anything super special but you get a good time. This also acts like a double-edged sword, however. There is nothing that sticks out and makes this album shine through. While I encourage people to branch out and listen to more than just Back in Black or Highway to Hell, there are stronger albums to try before Blow Up Your Video. Nevertheless, it fits in the AC/DC catalog nicely.

Better one than Flick of the Switch and Fly on the Wall, maybe the most underrated AC/DC album I think. Favourite songs ,,Heatseeker", ,,That's the way I Wanna Rock'n Roll", ,,Meanstreak", ,,Some Sin For Nuthin'"


exactly i don't understand people these days only listen to back in black and black ice. No one seems to appreciate the older albums like this, i mean there all great albums, we all have to agree with friends tell me that they are hard core acdc fans AND THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY BRIAN JONSON IS and they don't know any other albums but back in black....and only listen to thunderstruck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My band will only play Heatseeker off this album.


no body appreciates the not as popular albums, like this one. blow up your video is soooo underated and back in black is sooooo overated. i mean when i tell my friends that my favorite album is blow up your video they look at me like im crazy and say what is that. its just messed up

Agreed with ruffstuff real hardcore ac/dc fans try to appreciate all their material and not go with the critics bandwagon.

My main favorite album is this, Blow up your video. My favorite songs are Heatseeker, That's The Way I Wanna Rock N Roll, Nick Of Time, Ruff Stuff, This Means War, and Two's Up. Two's Up is one of the best song, with the best solo, from the best band, and which has THE BEST GUITARIST IN THE WORLD known as Angus Young. You Rock AC/DC!!!

Heatseaker & Blow up your video, top tracks. I went to see them at the NEC Birmingham and was on the video.

please!! blow up your video is 8 years newer than back in black, and actually not a whole lot of people listen to black ice. and next,thunderstuck is NOT FROM BACK IN BLACK!!!!!!! it is from the razor's edge. i also believe the most listend to are back in black, then highway to hell. dirty deeds is 78 i believe and also listened to by many. T.N.T. is from theyre second australian album in 75, and theyre first international album and probably one of their most famous songs. i'm glad you appreciate AC/DC, but would you please know a little about their history and stuff before you post a comment like that?