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I know I ain't doing much,
Doing nothing means a lot to me.

I'm a fan because...well, Im 16 and ive been a fan of the mates sence i was in 3ed grade and that compleatly changed my life. Rock and roll singer was my frist but from thare on not my last i began to lesten to some of thair mainstream songs but thats about it. i got realy big in to Jimi Hendrex R.I.P. around 6th grade (still in to AC/DC but jimi more)and i can rember i found something out of a magzine for a school project and i thought it was jimi playing gitar and i put it on my project and turned it in. just a few months ago i found that project and i took a closer look at the picture i cut out it was a picture of angus in his School boy outfit it was thieir with me the mates were awalys with me! but the funny thing was that a few months ago i was realy in to the lighting and have been sence that 6th grade summer! Ive done soo much for this band its not even funny ive beat the liveing crap out of a kid's for makeing fun of AC/DC to send a messege that true AC/DC fans take the mates seorousily and dont f*** with the horns) i feel i should do soo much for this band because they have done soo much for me, thair songs have kept me avlie through wanting to kill myself to brakeups,fights to everyday struggles. no mater how much i do for this band i know i cant compare to what theve done for me. AC/DC is my life i live it i breath it. its just awalys been natural and ive felt comfurbull liveing this kind of life. befor this band i was in to rap and still rock and roll but sence that frist AC/DC song (Rock and roll singer) ive been able to open up my mind to other things not just music but people and life choices and daily activitys (even SCHOOL!!!). theye tought me soo much to moarls ( smooth,rough,keep a stiff upper lip and ride on) to how so shake things off and not let things keep me down. it has awalys been my dream to meet AC/DC and just shake thair hands and say "I am soo thankful for your band you guys have done soo much for me and the world, and thank you for keeping me going. and my condolances for Bon. recent activy ive been wearing a lighting bolt neckless for going on 3 years now and everday i say a prar for the boys. i lesten to thair music everyday, i went to the AC/DC Black Ice world tour and ill tell you i peed myself a little bit. (i mean seeing my heros 15ft in front of me come on!) i even skiped school for the show! i was soo excited i woulent have been able so sit school and i would have just punched some guy just to get out of school early. when i got back from the AC/DC concert! of corse i got the horns! and the stub holder (row A,seats 1 and 2) i worked soo hard to get that money to buy that stuff. anyway i got to school the next day and i was wereing my horns and the shirt i got awile back that i said and promesed my self that i would not were till i went to go see an AC/DC concert! a year later i went! when i got to school of corse some pricks were makeing fun of my horns (what did i tell you befor "dont f*** with the horns!) i told them that and later that day some jock came and knocked them off! well lets just say i broke his ancle. (that was last year)in colseing (ya i know it was long!) i have stuck up for this band soo many times through people call them gay (refuring to their "Bisexual" band name) and i will countune to stick up for them. my pertents thought the were just a bunch of devil worshpers! (hahahaha) and now they love them! my dad even went with me to see the concert, he even said they were better than tom petty and bob dylan live (when he was good) playing toghater (has toms band being Mr. Dylans band)thair is not enough i can say about how much i love and respect this band theyve tought me to stick up for the little guys, its ok to be out of the group, respect and most importly Rock and Roll aint noise poultion!
Keep on with it mates!
-Brian R.


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