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When I was 10 me and my friend were into hard rock music and one day my friend asked me if a knew AC/DC. I said no so he showed me black ice. I loved it. So I spend my whole summer holidays in youtube listing to AC/DC. Past 1 month I decided to buy the Black ice album. After that I bought the High voltage album that I thought it was great. Then my dad told me that the Back in black album was great. So I saved some money and finnaly after 2 months of saving I got Back in black. I imidiatly got in love with the first track "Hells bells" (Which is now one of my favourite songs). Shake a leg was another song I really liked when I first heared the album. Past a few months I heared that AC/DC were coming to portugal.I imidiatly bought tickets and it was defintly one of the best nights of my life. Past 2 years I still love AC/DC. I have all AC/DC albums (including the Australian realeses) and I have most of the DVDS. I now own a gibson SG (Angus youngs guitar) and I can play some stuff in it. My birthday was in May and my birthday present from my parents were tickets for the AC/DC concert in Berlin on the 22nd of June. The concert in Berin was very good too. I love AC/DC and I always will. Sometimes my friends make fun of me because I only like music from the 70s or 80s but screw them. AC/DC FOR EVER!!


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