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Problem Child Angus Young / Malcolm Young / Bon Scott

Cop this
I’m hot and when I’m not
I’m cold as ice
ya get out my way
just step aside
or pay the price
what I want I take what I don't I break
and I don't want you
with a
flick my knife I can change your life
there's nothin' you can do
I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child, yes I am
I’m a problem child, and I’m wild

make my stand
no man's land
on my own
man in blue
it's up to you
the seed is sown
what I want is stash what I don't I smash
and your on my list
dead or alive I got a .45
and I never miss
I’m a problem child, I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child, just runnin' wild

just watch your step
every night
street light
I drink my booze
some run
some fight
when I win they lose
what I need I like what I don't I fight
and I don't like you
say bye bye while you're still alive
your time is through
cause I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child, I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child
problem child,
I’m a problem child, even my mother hates me
I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child, you got your problems I got mine
I’m a problem child
I’m a problem child

© 1976 J Albert & Son Pty Ltd.

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Criminal Guy of 13

Hah, Hah!
It’s been the greatest punishment in the town this year.
And he got his fairing.
He was a big fellow though he was only thirteen,
Tall ‘n strong, damn it, tall ‘n strong more than enough for his age.
Every school-child knew him and preferred to stay away.
Girls hated him
And the boys, who were brave enough got a kick in their teeth.
Because that guy of thirteen
was a young criminal.

Hey! Fellow, what do you do?!
Leave this kid.
He has nothing for you!
He’s fat ‘n blind and he is too kind
to kick your ass.
Stop bring him to the stress!
And give back that crying girl her shoes ‘n dress.
You’re an evil pest.
All your deeds are mess.
Is it a fun when a cripple falls down?

Hey, you, bastard! Stop your crime!
Soon it will be late so you’re wasting your time
The time you could spend on
learning at school
The time you could get good friends.
Don’t be a fool!
Better look around and see
what you have done.
Your dad is dead ‘n your mum has gone.
Everyone wants that
you to die.
Wake up your
conscience, guy.
Ask God for a
Piece of mind.
Or you’ll be
left behind.

Oh, my God! There’s no sense to do anything for him…
He’s getting worse and worse day after day.
He doesn’t hear neither his teachers at school nor his old granny at home, no one at all, no one.
Alcohol, cigarettes ‘n drugs are on the first place in his ugly life.
Abuse and jibe over all weak people. No respect, no compassion to anyone.

Look people all around!
Who’s guilty in such down
of young society
‘n its brutality?
Who’ll stop the violence?
Who’ll stop the terrorism?
Who’ll save the human-race?
Ain’t our children will?
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