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Released: Jun 28th 1985

Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland

Length: 40:30
Label Epic
Producer: Angus Young

Track Listings

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Fly On The Wall Lyrics
Shake Your Foundations Lyrics
First Blood Lyrics
Danger Lyrics
Sink the Pink Lyrics
Playing With Girls Lyrics
Stand Up Lyrics
Hell Or High Water Lyrics
Back In Business Lyrics
Send For The Man Lyrics

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Under rated album of AC/DC. FAns know this album rocks hard. Some day technology will give us so clean sounds we reallt want to hear. Money can't buy love, or the priceless fight and rebelious sounds of AC/DC, LIVE or cranking out on your Hi Fi at home.

Amazing fricking album.

The Best Of The 80's AC/DC Behind "Back In Black" (1980)

In 1985, AC/DC released there 11th studio album "Fly On The Wall" (1985). "Fly On The Wall" (1985) was the first album to be recorded with future Dio drummer Simon Wright (Only In AC/DC '83-'89). Even thought "Fly On The Wall" (1985) charted at No.32 on billboard charts old a little over 1,000,000 in it's fist 3 months after it's release. In my opinion "Fly On The Wall" (1985) is one of the greatest AC/DC albums of all time!!! "Fly On The Wall" (1985)features 10 powerful tracks. Lets Start now: Track 1 "Fly On The Wall" is a really powerful song about stalker. Track 2: "Shake Your Foundations" is just a son g about getting up & not being lazy. Track 3: "First Blood", I don't really know what "First Blood" Is about. Track 4: "Danger" is really the only AC/DC Pop Rock song, other than "Little Lover" (1976/1975). Pretty Much The Rest Of The "Fly On The Wall" (1985) Album is a headbanding album! So songs like "Sink the Pink", "Playing With Girls", "Stand Up", "Hell Or High Water", "Back In Bussiness" & "Send For The Man" are true Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. But The "Fly On The Wall" (1985) shows a Alternative Metal side of AC/DC!

Track Listing:
1 Fly On The Wall
2 Shake Your Foundations
3 First Blood
4 Danger
5 Sink The Pink
6 Playing With Girls
7 Stand Up
8 Hell Or High Water
9 Back In Business
10 Send For The Man

Fly on the wall is so underrated I think it's better that Back In Black maybe because it don't get the air play that the rest do.

This album was way too good for the amount of sales and the fan approval. I personally loved this album and crank up Shake Your Foundations every time I hear it!

this is awesome just like all ac/dc cds

Its not a bad album at all, its extremely underated. Overcriticised.

Far better and richer than Ballbreaker and Stiff

its many amazing acdc albums are under rated, i mean flick of the switch fly on the wall blow up your video are amazing but there under rated. so many people like acdc but have never heard these albums before