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AC/DC Video Of The Month: If You Want Blood

"If You Want Blood (You've Got It)", the powerful track from AC/DC's 1979 album "Highway To Hell" is our AC/DC video of the month, which is available on DVD 2 from AC/DC's "Family Jewels" DVD release.
The highlight of the song comes in the middle, right after Angus' guitar solo as Bon Scott pulls Angus' Gibson SG from him and implales poor Angus through his gut, spilling blood everwhere...effectively replicating the previous years "If You Want Blood You've Got It" album cover.

In addition to "If You Want Blood", AC/DC also filmed 4 other promotional videos for songs from the album at the same time, which include the title track, "Shot Down In Flames","Touch Too Much" and "Walk All Over You". All were recorded in Munich, Germany on August 28 1979 in the same studio/stage setting.