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AC/DC Today: April 8 1980 Brian Joins AC/DC

33 years ago on April 8, 1980, Brian Johnson was officially introduced as the new lead singer of AC/DC. Less than 2 months after the untimely death of Bon Scott, AC/DC had already reduced their short-list to only a handful of potential candidates and found their one and only replacement: Brian Johnson.
Brian was formerly of the UK rock band Geordie who enjoyed moderate success in the UK and Europe through the early-mid 1970's, including hits several top UK hits "All Because Of You, "Can You Do It", and "Don't Do That".
Brian had auditioned with AC/DC singing "Whole Lotta Rosie", as well as a run through "Nutbush City Limits", an old Tina Turner classic. He seemed like a natural fit and impressed the band enough that a few days later he had the gig.
2 months later AC/DC released their album "Back In Black" which would go on to become the most successful rock 'n roll album of all time.