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AC/DC Fan Of The Month: Corey Baetz (Florida, USA)

Our August 2013 AC/DC Fan Of The Month is Corey Baetz out of Florida, USA. Corey is an 18 year old AC/DC fan that has been a fan ever since he was age 10. His first AC/DC album was "AC/DC Live" which he says "That was when my whole life turned upside down. My Dad gave me the album and I loved it."
Corey first saw AC/DC live in concert on December 20, 2008 in Sunrise Florida which he says is a night that he will never forget. "I stood in amazement as I watched Angus and Brian work the crowd with so much energy while Phil, Cliff, and Mal conducted the massive AC/DC Rhythm Train. My whole view on AC/DC was taken to the next level after witnessing them live."
Corey also plays guitar and thanks Angus as his inspiration for picking up the guitar in the first place, and now runs his own AC/DC tribute band "Shot Down In Flames", which he hopes one day Brian and Cliff will see him perform. He has also collected all of AC/DC's CD's, amongst an ever growing collection of other fine Acca Dacca memorabilia.
In closing, Corey is waiting in anticipation for the next time AC/DC returns to stage "I can't wait for the boys to return to the stage, I have been
waiting forever for them to come back and time is ticking for their return to occur!"