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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... Firstly there music is so full of energy and enjoyment the guitar and bass riffs are mind blowing the drums are headbanging and the vocals are unbeleivable secondly when they play live which i have been lucky enough to go to three blackice concert in there tour in 2009 and when they visit the UK again i will be going i would go to Donnington but the other bands are no match for AC/DC and i would prefer to see 3 hours of them than 1 hour and othor bands but unfortunate enough no to be born for The Razors Edge tour or the Ballbreaker tour which i wish i could of gone i have been listening to AC/DC since i was three because my dad had a few records from the early days of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and T.N.T which i loved till this day and will continue to the stiff upper lip tour i was six and if i can remember i was going to go witgh my dad but my mum thought i was to young for the live power of AC/DC i have all the albums on display some on record which are the ones i mentioned earlier my room is covered full of textile flags because i think posters rip to easy and when you are playing a guitar with the song in the backround you cant help it but to duckwalk i can do it but nothing like the God Angus Young which he needs no introduction by far the greatest guitarist ever my xbox live acount which is livebobandit if you want to add me feel free a fellow AC/DC fan is a friend my motto is Shot Down In Flames My Bio is a compilation of some of my very much like lyrics from differents songs example Its A Bird Its A Plane Its Suicide which is from powerage album whats next to the moon 1978 i love that song my wardrobe is nothing but tshirts hats a tie i wear 4 armbands on each arm and 2 leather 1 on each arm all the time i even sewed a whole lotta rosie patch on my school blazer on the last day of term also a awesome song hell they all are my speakers are on the verge of blowin because of the volume i play them at i want my neibours to hear the greates band of all time 4 letters and a dash which is a cover band i have made up we havnt got as far as you tube but we are getting there i am trying to get a BOSE system because the quality on them is amazing and AC/DC deserves it so i wouldnt do all that and more which i think i have bored you enought to explain everything if i didnt think they were the best because they are no questions asked

so i will leave you in the words of a legend Lord Bon Scott......

In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty five
Man didn't know 'bout a rock 'n' roll show
'N all that jive
The white man had the schmaltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tschaikovsky had the news, he said

Let there be light, and there was light
Let there be sound, and there was sound
Let there be drums, there was drums
Let there be guitar, there was guitar, ah
Let there be rock


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