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Let There Be Rock
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In the beginning
Back in nineteen fifty five
Man didn't know 'bout a rock 'n' roll show
'N all that jive
The white man had the schmaltz
The black man had the blues
No one knew what they was gonna do
But Tschaikovsky had the news, he said

Let there be light, and there was light
Let there be sound, and there was sound
Let there be drums, there was drums
Let there be guitar, there was guitar, ah
Let there be rock!

I've been a rocker scince I can remember. My mother was a Beattles fan and my uncle's Black Sabbath. He used to work on a rock station here in Puerto Rico on the 80's decade. Lp's and eight tracks where everywhere and he used to take me to the station whenever he had the chance. The Dj's where so cool that they let me play anything I wanted to hear. From David Bowie, Van Halen, Kiss and, of course, AC/DC.

But the band was really introduced to me by my two older cousins who they have, at that time, most of their AC/DC's lp's and from other bands as well. The first one that caught my attention was "For Those About To Rock" album. Brian's voice was freaking awsome. A pretty intro for me, I must say. But the one song that really defined, for me, what was really the band's philosophy and statment was "Let There Be Rock", from the album with the same title. Bon's voice and lyrics and Angus' hell driven guitar chords really blew my freaking mind. The speed, the rythm, the bone crushing sound of it. The combination of Rock N' Roll with Heavy Metal, it was the perfect match. They just want to rock no matter where and when. And that's all it matters. Just by hearing any song of this band makes you want to freaking scream, jump and live like crazy!

Scince that moment, until right now, I can't imagine a world without AC/DC. It would suck big time.

I tell you this story because I consider myself lucky for having a great childhood. The greates moment of my life. I'm pretty sure that you guys consider that the 80's decade was the best one. It really was, but AC/DC made it better.

On November 22 of 2009, the band came for the first time to my Island, just to make the greatest show ever witnessed by all local Rock N' Roll and Heavy Metal fans. You can bet I was there, with my wife to be at my side. It was my childhood dream come true. The greates second moment of my life.

Take care, people.



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