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Jun 11 2010
Donington, GB
Donington Festival

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Please tell me this is not the only UK date.....
£170 a pop, after 33 yrs, it's pricing a lot of fans like me out.

This will be my (and my girlfriends) 41st AC\DC show since October 2008! First time I saw them was Donnington '91... Bring it on...

to can get just the one day ticket for friday to see AC/DC

This is a life long dream...can't wait!

1978 Liverpool Empire - Angus, Malcolm and the legendary Bon. Had a profound effect on my youth and still a fan now (as are both my lads)

Fancied reliving the experience with my lads BUT dont want to get ripped off for £75.00 a ticket if its only going to be a short set. Anyone know how long has been allocated to be the best act appearing at Donnington this year???

I just can't wait, saw them last year in Glasgow and I had to keep pinching myself then as I thought I would never see AC/DC!!! and now I am seeing them agin. WOW

acdc have to announce a concert for ireland.when they came to punchestown last year it was the best concert ever.they should really book a concert in would be immense.!!