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Album Details

Released: Sep 24th 1990

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Length: 46:32
Címke Epic
Producer: Bruce Fairbairn

Track Listings

Song Title Vídeo Lyrics Price Buy It
Thunderstruck Dalszövegek
Fire Your Guns Dalszövegek
Moneytalks Dalszövegek
The Razors Edge Dalszövegek
Mistress for Christmas Dalszövegek
Rock Your Heart Out Dalszövegek
Are You Ready Dalszövegek
Got You by the Balls Dalszövegek
Shot of Love Dalszövegek
Let's Make It Dalszövegek
Goodbye & Good Riddance to Bad Luck Dalszövegek
If You Dare Dalszövegek

Reviews (14)

the heaviest AC/DC record ever rocorded other than "Highway To Hell" & "Back In Black"

AC/DC's best album is The Razor's Edge! 1,000/10 From Angus's fast shredding on Thunderstruck, to the eeirie sound of The Razor's Edge, to the groovy bass on Rock Your Heart Out, and to the sound of Brian's voice on Are You Ready. This album contains all elements to a perfect album. ROCK ON!

MY best friends favourites bands was AC/DC and she likes THUNDERSTRUCK soooo much , Sadly she died 22 sep in lung cancer Sad:(;:( she was only 55 yers old and full of life befor that evil cancer , at her funeral they played her favorite song Thunderstruck ,it was really different , thought it was fine of her relatives to honor her memory with her song ♥♥♥ me and my good friend had many greate memories with this song ♥ May she R. I . P ♥

This is my second favorite album and Thunderstruck just happens to be my second favorite song. I also really like Moneytalks, Fire Your Guns, and The Razors Edge. Are You Ready and Mistress for Christmas are pretty good songs too. Great album.