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AC/DC Today: AC/DC Fan Of The Month!

Want to be featured as our next AC/DC fan of the month on the official AC/DC website Well if you think you're the world's biggest AC/DC fan, we want to hear from you!
Send us an e-mail telling us why you love AC/DC, how long you've been a fan, how many times you've seen the boys live in concert, and be sure to include an AC/DC themed photo of yourself.*
If you have another special AC/DC story to tell, such as your own AC/DC-website or fanzine dedicated to AC/DC, your amazing collection of AC/DC memorabilia, you've been lucky enough to meet the band, your AC/DC tattoo, or anything else you consider that makes you one of the world's ultimate AC/DC fans, send us an e-mail If chosen, you will be featured on the official website as an AC/DC Today story as the AC/DC fan of the month.

(*An AC/DC themed photo: You in your best AC/DC swag, posing at an AC/DC concert, you dressed as Angus, or posing with your finest AC/DC memorabilia)

Please be sure to include the following information to be considered: Age, city/state/country of residence, how long you've been a fan of AC/DC and a relevant AC/DC themed photo.