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cold hearted man
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No one knew
Where he came from
He never knew himself
Call her Ma
Call him Pa
But he was born to someone else
No one fooled
Or messed him around
Cause they were all afraid
Ain't no lies
Ice in the eyes
Of Leeroy Kincaid

Cold hearted man
One time lover heart in his hand
Cold hearted man
And you can't trust nothing you don't understand
Cold hearted man
Cold hearted man
Like a snake
He had no friends
He didn't need no one
Hurt his pride
Deep inside
He was another mother's son
Broken glass
Everybody prayed
For their lives on the street
Where they happened to meet
Leeroy Kincaid

Sometimes you can't see
The other side
It's too well hidden
For the naked eye
One time lover
With his heart in his hand
Two time loser
A broken man
Cold hearted man

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... i remember when my dad got his 'if you want blood youve got it' cd out when i was probably about 7 and aparently i want hyper with my air guitar and started jumping all over the sofa. my my said ive got angus young blood in me and from that day forth i became more and more into acdc Smile


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