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For those about to rock.
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We rock at dawn on the front line
Like a bolt right out of the blue
The sky's alight with the guitar bite
Heads will roll and rock tonight

Well,why am i a fan of AC/DC? First,i want to say that i'm not a good english speaker and i am young. I have a lot of time to learn how to speak English better. I am Melissa, but everyone calls me Milii. I am 12. I know,i am young but a true AC/DC fan. I come from Bistriţa,a small (beautiful) town in the middle of Romania,or,in Transylvania. I love rock and i happy that mt friends like rock to. Now,why do i like AC/DC? Beacuse AC/DC it's a rock band and i DO love rock. Because AC/DC's songs are so beautiful. Because Brian Johnson's voice sounds so geourgeous. I was so unhappy when you,guys camed to Romania in Bucharest. My dream was to come and meet you. But Bucharest is far and when you sang in Romania was school time. My room is full of posters of AC/DC(and other rock bands). I read everything about you,in magazines. Angus solos at his guitar sounds perfect.You are the most beautiful rock band EVER!.Love you guys.
P.S please. come back in Romania. (Maybe at Cluj).


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