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Rock On Brother. We count you you

when ll do concert in india

The most underrated song? It has to be Gone Shooting, it simply has the best rhythm section of any band ever. Malcolm leads the way, keeping it tight.

Everything will be fine Laughing out loud

Well wishes from your fans in Oz Malcom..there is not a household in this country that does not know & are proud of AC/DC, go you good thing!

Keep a Stiff Upper Lip, Malcolm! Thoughts and prayers are with you to get better soon!

Malcolm we r Missing you from Florida in the states get well soon
We hope to see u at least 1 more time take care
be well and happy

Malcolm rock again soon brother.

C'mon Malcolm, get well!!

for me i start to listen acdc with this one at 14 and it still my favorite album, every musicien is in
your room with this lp.