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1.AC/DC - The Best
2. Kiss - I Like it
3. Metallica - Like It
4. Linkin Park - I like vocal
5. Bon JOvi - I Like It
6. System of a Down - I like vocal
7. Bruce Springsteen - The Best Rockman
8. Pink Floyd - Great
9. Bon Jovi - I like vocal
10. Sepultura - Dead Metal
11. Queen - Like Freddie
12. Rammstein

System of a down is great

<a href="" title=""></a> WHY WE LOVE AC/DC!


AC/DC defined rock n roll..... Their music enthralls my mind, raptures my imagination and sets my soul on fire..... Shoot to thrill.... To many thrills yeah!!!!!!!

AC/DC IS THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!! I LOVE ANGUS'S ENERGY ON THE GUITAR, AND BRIAN JOHNSON!!! You should make more songs for rock band, I love that game!!!