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Released: Ago 25th 1980

Compass Point Studios, Nassau, The Bahamas

Length: 42:11
Etichetta Epic
Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange

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Reviews (32)

Ther Greatest AC/DC Album Of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Is Not A Rock 'N' Roll Album, It's A Metal Album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MetalRules Can Lisen To "Back In Black" Over, Over, Over, Over & Over Again!!!!! The Greatest Album Of The 80'S, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Rock 'N" Roll, New Vocalists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Most Importantly OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!! Infact I'm listening to "Back In Black" As I'm Typeing this on the computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the album Back in Black there is a song called Rock n Roll ain't Noise Pollution and that songs makes good sense Rock n Roll ain't Noise Pollution and the person who tells me that Rock n Roll is Noise Pollution I'm a little young to say this because I'm 13 years old but I'll tell that person go to hell.


ACDC's always been my fav. I seen them shortly after Bon Scott passed away on September 27, 1980, at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI. Surprisingly I still have my ticket stub from that concert and just looked at it. Alot of people wore black arm bands.

Back in Black - Album was a turning point in our lives and was so key to the grip of what we were to experience in the next few years > None gave up as the crowd became Younger. We believed that that the music would come back to the fu.. rock hard soul music we were brought up on,,, for it researches deep into the barrels of our stomachs, forever pumping the bass of eternity that will drive our spirit into the next. We need you as we always have, For My sober brother Tommy T since'86 - BrokenArmBily Class of 1981

All You have to do is read the words to Back n Black,and then read the words to Black Ice and you`ll know what`s been going on for 30 years now:)

Almost everyone Thinks that AC/DC only lost it`s singer in Bon, AC/DC lost it`s song writer, Bon was the Master Lyric writer and he proved it on the Back n Black Album on all but the title tract. I also Believe he wrote the song "For Those About To Rock" Don`t believe me then answer these few questions.
A. Why would AC/DC rely on an unknown to write the words on the most important album of thier career? (as they stated on "Ultamate Albums" )
B.If he did write the Back n Black album and was that good ,then why is he NOT on the song writing credits since "Blow up Your Video" 1988 ?
C. Who in thier right mind would come up with a song called "Have A Drink On Me" on an album in honor of a Man who Died of alcohol abuse? unless the song was already written and someone did a really good Karaoke job?

Back in Black is my third favorite album of AC/DC. When this was released we were reeling from the loss of Bon Scott yet the boys pulled themselves together and gave us a rocking good album to asuage our grief and their's probably. My two favorite tracks off this album is the title track and Hell's Bells. Again tho its hard to choose because AC/DC doesn't put out a bad track or album (in my humble opinion).