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AC/DC's best album is The Razor's Edge! 1,000/10 From Angus's fast shredding on Thunderstruck, to the eerie sound of The Razor's Edge, to the groovy bass on Rock Your Heart Out, and to the sound of Brian's voice on Are You Ready. This album contains all elements to a perfect album. ROCK ON!

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thats were all f**cking started!I been...THUNDERSTRUCK!

are you ready?

shot to love
its the good son of the album

Mine would have to be Powerage for sure!

I believe it was called a "Masterpiece" by most of their critics... Wink

Also my favorite album. "Thunderstruck" is one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time! This album made AC/DC become my favorite band for life, I was only 15 years old when this album came out. The video for "Thunderstruck" is great too!

My favorite album is "Highway To Hell"

My favorite song from this album is the Razor's Edge.

Great album! However my favorite is STILL "Back In Black," from the first song to the last and after 32 years, I'm still pumped up every time I hear it!! It's one of the few albums I have YET to get burned out on!