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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because ac-dc is one of the bands that will never say no. always put good shows and help make rock n roll. i be acme a fan when i first herd thunderstruck and i like this song is good i wounder who this is it was ac/dc and so i got in to their music i started buy the albums at Wal-mart and then that's when i thought they rock then i got in to bands history and then i watch Angus play his guitar on the DVDs and then i want to play just like that so i ask my parents for a guitar so then i got it and i was off but wait i had no idea how or what to do so i had teach my self because i could not have lessons with Angus help a little by watching him i pick up some moves and ways to play and YouTube video lesson help learn their songs and others now i almost can play all then songs my favorite song is highway and thunderstruck the funny thing is that every one i now they thought i couldn't do it and i showed them by play at the 2011 mock rock its on you tube if you want to see its "tribute to rock new lothrop 2011 mock rock" it was cool and i will always know that ac-dc has effected my life and now they are a big part of it so as ac-dc would say for those about to rock we salute you.


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