A Tribute to our Fans! We Salute You!

Our fans span all generations, come from all nations, and have proven their undeniable loyality to AC/DC rock n roll! Thank you to all the children, generation Y-ers, X-ers, fathers, grandfathers, mothers, and grandmothers who have been rocking with us on the Rock or Bust World Tour!  

"The night is a celebration of longevity, of survival: of fathers and grandfathers, mothers and grandmothers, realising for a few hours that growing up doesn't mean having to fade away; realising that in a world in a constant state of flux, there is one small part of their youth that still remains; of children and Gen Y-ers having a chance to see history in the flesh, to hear in person songs that are older than them or maybe even older than their parents. I honestly couldn't tell you what the guitar tone was like or whether the drums boomed too loudly or not loudly enough in the cavernous stadium -- this 25-year-old was too busy smiling from ear-to-ear." Josh Butler, Huffington Post